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About LegacyBox-Video                                                  

LegacyBox-Video is one component of the Legacy-Box Concept.                          


How it works


We will provide a list of sample questions.  You can choose which questions you would like to be included in your interview together with any memorable photographs.  

An opportunity will also be provided to leave a personal message to loved ones.  The interview itself will take place in the comfort of your own home and will typically last between 1-3 hours.                                                                                                          



DVD Package

The Finished Product


This will include the edited interview, photographs, titles/chapter headings, music, custom printed DVD and DVD case.




Each DVD will cost £599 


10% of each DVD sale will be donated to the Alzheimer's Society (registered charity no: 296645)


For futher details please contact us HERE





"I think LegacyBox-Video is a great idea"

Renée Montemayor

TV & Film actress