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Frequently asked Questions



What happens after I have read the sample questionnaire?


We will contact you within 2 weeks of you receiving your questionnaire to talk you through the whole filming and interview process, step by step. We should add, that you are free to include any of your own questions that you do not find on the questionnaire.  Please remember that the questionnaire is there only to assist and jog your memory.



Am I too young to have my life story documented?


No, not at all.  Just like some celebrities who have written their autobiographies, it is never too early to share your memories.


Can me and my partner have a joint interview?


Yes and at no extra cost.  You would both decide which questions from the sample questionnaire you would like to include in the interview.


I would like to leave a message for my loved ones, but do not know what to say?


While we can appreciate that this maybe difficult for most, maybe a good place to start would be to let the person(s) know that you hope they acheive all their hopes and ambitions in the future.  


How many DVD's will I receive?


You will receive 2 high definition DVD's that will work in any DVD player and computer with a DVD drive.


What photo's should I include?


You can include any photos you wish, such as a photo of your parents, grandparents, wedding day, christening etc.  Addtionally, you are free to include any newspaper cuttings or certificates if you so wish.











What payment method do you accept?


We accept either paypal or debit card payments.  Additionally, a 10% deposit will be required to secure booking.